To me, picking out pool bag essentials is an art form. By this time last year, I had been to the pool more times than I could count. The pools in our area just started opening back up because of Covid-19, and I couldn’t be happier. I went to the pool for the first time last weekend, and I want to share with you everything I pack in my pool bag. Let’s dive in!

  1. Over-sized Beach Towel – I always take two. One for the pool chair, and one to roll up and use as a headrest. This one is from Target and only $6!

  2. Shade Hat – There are lots of options here. I love the kind you can roll up like this one so that it’s pack-able and doesn’t lose it’s shape. The bigger the better if you ask me!

  3. Sunscreen – Obviously the most important thing to pack. I use the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for my face & the Play Mousse for my body. They both apply so well and don’t feel overly greasy.

  4. Detangler & Comb – it’s no secret that the pool chemicals can do a number on your hair. This R+CO detangler is by far the best smelling and best performing detangler that I’ve ever used. I spritz some in, then use this comb to slide through all the tangles. It’s truly is the best combo to combat the mess that is your hair after you go under.

  5. iPad + AirPods – Gone are the days that my magazines get soaked beyond recognition. I love downloading magazines on my iPad and read while laying out. If it’s too hot or I don’t feel like reading, I put on some music (usually Hamilton soundtrack or Taylor Swift) or an audio book and drown out the splashing & chatter of other pool-goers. I use my AirPods every single day, regardless of if I go to the pool or not. They are my favorite accessory, especially because they look so dang cute in this silicone case.

  6. Insulated Drink Holder – You could get creative here with so many options out there. I love this Corkcicle canteen the most because it keeps my drinks so cold, even when it’s sitting in direct sunlight. The screw top lid is spill proof, so I can just toss in my bag and not worry about leaks. Just crack open a White Claw (or two), pour & go. I have the 16oz, but it comes in several sizes.

  7. SnacksSmart Sweets (of any flavor) are always my go-to. If I’m wanting something more substantial or not as sweet, then these RX nut butter packets are perfect. No mess, just tear open & squeeze.

  8. Sunglasses – This one is a no-brainer, I know. My absolute favorite sunnies brand is Prive Revaux. Every pair is under $30 AND polarized. I have at least 10 different pairs, and they have all held up so well over the years.

  9. Razor – Not just any razor, the Billie razor. It is really is as good as everyone on Instagram says it is. For $9 you get a razor, blades, & a holder to stick in your shower. I always keep one in my pool bag in case I have an “oops I forgot to shave behind my knees” moment.

  10. Pool Bag – How can we have a pool bag essentials list without a pool bag?! I love this mesh bag because it has tons of pockets, is waterproof, and allows me to see everything inside.



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