About two weeks ago, I got a package in the mail from a company I had seen all over Instagram. Olive & June had sent me the holiday version of The Studio Box as a gift to try out. I have to say, at the beginning I wondered if I would ever use it because I normally get my nails done at a salon with dip powder every 2-4 weeks.

Olive & June is a female founded company based out of Beverly Hills. They have a couple of salons where you can get a mani, but they sell all of their products online. Like I said, I was gifted The Studio Box, and it came complete with everything I needed to get started. This was a limited edition box, so it’s not on the site anymore. It’s basically The Studio Box with two extra nail polish colors. Let me show you what was in it.

  • Three 7-free (free of the seven harsh chemicals commonly found in nail polish) shimmery metallic polishes, OJBH, OJPAS and OJSM.
  • Top Coat
  • The Poppy (made to help make painting with both hands much easier!)
  • Acetone free nail polish remover pot
  • Nail file
  • Buffer Cube
  • Clean-Up Brush
  • Flat edge nail clippers
  • Cuticle serum

I was due for a manicure and the set that Olive & June had sent me was still sitting on the breakfast table waiting to be used. I decided to attempt to remove my dip at home and give this new kit a whirl. I started thinking about it more, and realized that I spend almost $500 a year getting my nails done. With that realization came a quick stomach ache because I never dreamed it would be that much. I knew that I had to start learning how to do my own nails at home really well and quick.

The founder of Olive & June had coincidentally just posted a Mani 101 video to YouTube, so that’s where I started after I finally got the dip powder off my nails. It was extremely simple and straight forward and I actually had a lot of fun painting my nails (something I never thought I would be saying). I chose the silvery shimmery color that came in the kit, and it took three coats to achieve the look I wanted.

The best part about the kit I received was probably the Poppy. I’ve always struggled with panting with my non-dominant hand and this product is a game changer. I feel like my manicure looked great for a novice like me, and I attribute most of that success to the Poppy. Also, all of the polishes have a flat brush, making it way easier to stay in the lines.

I followed the tutorial step by step and when my nails were dry, I applied the Cutical Serum. I never thought I would love a nail product so much. It made all my annoying dry cuticles disappear. I keep this in my purse now and use it three times a day, at least. It’s something I will order over and over again.

All of this to say, Olive & June is the bomb. It’s so simple and beautiful and I love that all of their products are cruelty free. Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to use that extra $500 a year on!


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