When I was began training for a half marathon a few years ago, I scoured the internet for the most supportive sports bra for girls with bigger boobs. Let me tell you, it was WORK to find even one that worked well. Nobody really talks about this and I don’t know why. Maybe people assume women with larger chests don’t want to exercise? I’m not sure, but I’m here to share everything I know about the three sports bras that I rely on to get me through a workout without black eyes.

For reference: I am 5’2 and wear a 34F in every day bras.


I love this Zella Body Fusion bra for lower impact workouts like walking, weight training, or spin. It’s so comfortable and comes up high enough on the sides that you don’t have any side boob action happening. While this one does not separate as well as the other ones (slight uniboob), it’s definitely made to be seen. I love wearing this one with workout shirts that may have larger arm cut outs or have mesh detailing because this sports bra is so dang cute! Supportive and stylish, what more could you want in a sports bra? I wear an XL in this one.


The Lululemon Enlite Zip Front Bra is another really good go to sports bra for me. I definitely wear this one the most because it’s so versatile and I can wear it for medium or high impact workouts. It is super supportive without an underwire, and I never have issues with it coming unzipped. I also love how easy it is to get on and off. I am wearing a size 36E. I went by the size chart on their website and it was pretty spot on, however I did try on several sizes buying.


If you have even a remotely large chest, you need this sports bra. The Elomie Energise is by far the most supportive sports bra I have ever worn. It has carried me through two half marathons and all the training that went with them. I would say it’s by far the most supportive bra I have, and it does not smash your boobs down. Breathable fabric and the wide band makes me feel like everything is held in place while exercising. If you’re going to buy one bra from this post, this should be it. My normal bra size in this one (34F) fits like a dream.


First off, one of my favorite products to use for sports bras is this Sport Spray by The Laundress. This is best for when I’ve worn a sports bra for a light workout & didn’t get it that dirty. This helps refresh & deodorize the fabric without running it through a full wash cycle.

When I do a full wash on my sports bras, I always use a mesh washing bag. Make sure to clasp the bra (if it has one), so nothing gets snagged during the wash. For detergent, I love The Laundress Sport Detergent. It’s highly concentrated so it lasts a long time and is made for performance fabrics. Another product I love that can be used for more than just active wear is the Signature Detergent. The smell is so heavenly and leaves my clothes feeling so soft without any type of soapy residue.

Even if you don’t have a larger chest, the first two sports bras are so versatile and work for every size. The last one however, is more for my well endowed readers. A good sports bra can make a gal feel so confident!

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